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Schools were closed, then opened, then closed and opened again. Kids were sent home to quarantine and Zoom classrooms became all the norm. Teachers did as best they could. Parents, caught off guard, put in that extra effort to support their children’s learning. Often it was an overwhelming experience. But parents and teachers came to see each other in a new light.

Now with schools open and teachers back in class, it's time to reflect on what we've all been through and how we've depended on each other. And now, on World Teachers Day, let's throw teachers a well-deserved 'thank you.'
"On behalf of Alberta's teachers, thank you, parents for all you have done over the last 18 months to help support learning to continue."
– Jason Schilling, ATA President

Read some of the Thank You comments so far.

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  • - 2021-10-05 19:50:33 -0600
    Where would we be without our amazing Teachers?

    Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts!!
  • - 2021-10-05 19:49:55 -0600
    As a retired teacher, I know how hard the last 2 years have been. Thank you for all you do every day to champion students in Alberta.
  • - 2021-10-05 19:47:53 -0600
    Thank you for your dedication to your students during this difficult and challenging time.
  • - 2021-10-05 19:44:15 -0600
    Teachers make the difference for kids. Plain and simple. As a retired Teacher, I know how difficult it is teaching in today’s world. As a SUPPORTIVE parent, please accept my sincere thank you for the difference you make!❤️
  • - 2021-10-05 19:31:41 -0600
    You have had more pressure than ever, and continue to accommodate those young learners…bless you!!
  • - 2021-10-05 19:26:57 -0600
    I am extremely grateful for all the Alberta teachers who have sacrificed so much to ensure our kids are safe and still learning through this pandemic. All of you are heroes!
  • - 2021-10-05 19:25:57 -0600
    Thank you to all teachers for everything you do every day (including vacation days) to ensure the needs of children are met in engaging lessons.
    A special “thank you” is sent to Mr. Eisenbraun who was my English teacher. He inspired me to impart the beauty of the written word to my students. His presence in the classroom was also captivating; students would hang on his every word and he relished the opportunity to assist any student wanting to improve his/her writing. I hope every student has the good fortune to have a “Mr. Eisenbraun” in his/her school experience!
  • - 2021-10-05 19:25:03 -0600
    Thank you to all teachers. Teaching is difficult enough without have a anti teacher anti intellectual government
  • - 2021-10-05 19:19:54 -0600
    Thank you for your unrelenting dedication and hard work. You continue to inspire our youth and ensure a positive future. Know that you are respected and appreciated!
  • - 2021-10-05 19:17:06 -0600
    Thanks, teachers, for the important work that you do.
  • - 2021-10-05 19:14:13 -0600
    Thanks for your support of learning and commitment to your students.

    The public supports you and fights to improve working conditions for you.

    Thank you!
  • - 2021-10-05 19:13:27 -0600
    Thank you to all teachers for a fine job done under harsh circumstances.
  • - 2021-10-05 19:09:07 -0600
    Alberta Teachers’ are the most caring, understanding and resilient of workers in the province. Everyone believes they are experts in the field of education just because they went to school. It would be nice if these individuals actually learned something about educating before making statements they know nothing about. Keep up the fantastic work teachers’ you are too important to be side lined. Thank you. Thank you for the work that you do!!!!
  • - 2021-10-05 19:06:11 -0600
    Thank you for loving my kids, working hard to keep them safe, and trying to teach amidst the many obstacles. Teaching while your own safety is at risk, and going the extra mile while not properly being funded.
    In our next election, I will choose to vote for a government that cares and supports all the important work you do!!!
  • - 2021-10-05 19:00:37 -0600
    from a retired one to all of you present ones – you are amazing!
  • - 2021-10-05 18:56:26 -0600
    Thank you to all teachers who have coped so well with the challenges brought on by COVID
  • - 2021-10-05 18:55:56 -0600
    A very Happy World Teachers’ Day to my wonderful former colleagues and Teacher Friends with a special shout out to our awesome Teacher children, Andrew, Courtney, Alyssa and Colin!
    Thank you for all you do to keep your students safe and feel cared for, as you continue to provide them with wonderful lessons! You are all beyond AMAZING!
    Huge thanks and respect to you all!
  • - 2021-10-05 18:52:48 -0600
    You make the magic happen. Full respect to you all!
  • - 2021-10-05 18:50:23 -0600
    God bless all of you who do ministry “on the front lines”!
  • - 2021-10-05 18:49:17 -0600
    Thanks for all you do for your students to enrich their lives. I know that teaching is a demanding job and the hours required go far beyond the classroom setting. You can change people’s lives and make our communities a better place to live
  • - 2021-10-05 18:41:05 -0600
    Teachers are GOLD! Thanks for all you do and continue to do!
  • - 2021-10-05 18:40:09 -0600
    Thank you for your expertise in teaching our children. Thank you as well for the love, understanding and acceptance that you demonstrate every day in your work.
    You are amazing and I am very grateful.
  • - 2021-10-05 18:33:56 -0600
    Thanks to all those teachers that love kids and love teaching. You create the future.
  • - 2021-10-05 18:28:23 -0600
    I am a retired teacher who knows how challenging the job of a teacher can be. I want to add an extra word of encouragement to all of you teachers who have persevered under the extraordinary conditions of a pandemic. You are a gift every day to those students in your care. May your passion for what you do continue to inspire you daily. With sincere thanks,
  • - 2021-10-05 18:26:41 -0600
    This has been the most challenging two years in my career as a teacher. Thank you to all of the teachers out there that stayed positive and came together to help each other.
    Thank you for all you do!!
  • - 2021-10-05 18:24:48 -0600
    As a long retired teacher I stand in awe of my still working colleagues who continue to do wonderful work with students under the present challenging circumstnaces while not being well supported by the present government and facing possibly having to teach an inappropriate curriculum that in places is quite bizarre. I hope you are able to cope with the many challenges over the next school year.
  • - 2021-10-05 18:16:43 -0600
    Thank you so much for making learning fun. I love school because my Teachers are awesome!!
  • - 2021-10-05 18:15:05 -0600
    I can’t thank you enough for all that you are doing today. I think I had it much easier when I started in 1977.
  • - 2021-10-05 18:12:09 -0600
    As a former teacher, I know how hard teachers work on a regular basis. I can only imagine how much harder it has been over the last year and a half. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the teachers in Alberta for a job well done during these unprecedented times. You are acknowledged and appreciated❤️
  • - 2021-10-05 18:11:05 -0600
    To my favourite teacher, Amin Malak, I think of you almost every day and am so grateful to have spent two semesters in your class. Blessings.