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Schools were closed, then opened, then closed and opened again. Kids were sent home to quarantine and Zoom classrooms became all the norm. Teachers did as best they could. Parents, caught off guard, put in that extra effort to support their children’s learning. Often it was an overwhelming experience. But parents and teachers came to see each other in a new light.

Now with schools open and teachers back in class, it's time to reflect on what we've all been through and how we've depended on each other. And now, on World Teachers Day, let's throw teachers a well-deserved 'thank you.'
"On behalf of Alberta's teachers, thank you, parents for all you have done over the last 18 months to help support learning to continue."
– Jason Schilling, ATA President

Read some of the Thank You comments so far.

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  • - 2021-10-05 11:00:05 -0600
    Joel Cochrane at Ecole Barrie Wilson in Red Deer is an EXCELLENT teacher!! He has been wonderful at keeping my son and all his classmates positive and engaged this year. For the first year EVER my son is not fighting to go to school and complaining that he hates school. He actually looks forward to it and comes home happy everyday!! I believe Mr. Cochrane is the reason for this!! Thank you so much for helping our son learn to love school❤️
  • - 2021-10-05 10:59:47 -0600
    I’m thankful for the teachers who never gave up on me. Now I am a teacher, and I never would have gotten here if not for them!
  • - 2021-10-05 10:59:33 -0600
    I had very good teachers and that is why I became one. I had a wonderful career as a teacher and I owe this to a great degree to those who mentored me.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:59:33 -0600
    As a retired teacher, I really appreciate how all public school teachers make our province better, even when the government is actively hostile to you and the interests of our students.

    Thanks, and please keep up the good work.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:59:26 -0600
    Thank you for your wonderful resourcefulness in developing materials for working online. I personally witnessed this and was hugely impressed by the work of our daughter-in-law. We are blessed to have so many who really care about future generations.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:59:23 -0600
    Thank you to all of the teachers who work so hard to adapt to these challenging times for the good of our children.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:59:05 -0600
    I am a retired teacher (1996) I think the job of a present day teacher is much more difficult than when I taught. all my grand children love their schools and their teachers. Keep up the good work and fight like hell against this new curriculum the government is trying to push.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:59:02 -0600
    Thank you, teachers of Alberta, for your dedicated service to our youth. As a retired teacher having worked for 43 years with Red Deer Public, I understand your situation and call ‘Shame!’ on our provincial government for ignorant lack of support for you and our education system.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:58:37 -0600
    Literacy is one of the pillars of our society!
    I volunteer in Benin, West Africa where Illiteracy impacts 50% of the population. Their Human Development index is 166 out of 178 (UN Statistics) and Poverty is amongst the highest in the world!

    Thank you to all our teachers. You are foundational to our society.

    God Bless,

    Dr. Robin Knudsen
  • - 2021-10-05 10:58:09 -0600
    Thank you for all the work you do to have a positive impact on our students.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:56:37 -0600
    Thank you, Veronica Fraser, for doing such a terrific job teaching your grade 6 classes to THINK as they learn — and making it so much fun too.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:56:34 -0600
    Congratulations to all teachers who are doing and have done great work in educating Alberta students during your careers. Your work is appreciated by all of us who value learning and the development of positive social skills in children.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:56:14 -0600
  • - 2021-10-05 10:55:52 -0600
    As frontline workers for our most precious resource, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You always have and continue to make a difference in the lives of all of our children every day!
  • - 2021-10-05 10:55:43 -0600
    Teachers deserve so much support for all they do! Glad there’s a day to celebrate them!
  • - 2021-10-05 10:55:09 -0600
    Planters of seeds for an unknown harvest.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:54:44 -0600
    I appreciate all the teachers who have impacted my own life, my children’s lives and my grandchildren’s lives for good. You are having a fabulous impact for good in the world. Giving people the tools to continue learning and serving others is the greatest purpose and blessing for the future! KEEP DOING YOUR BEST, DESPITE THE OBSTACLES THAT DEVELOP! YOU MAKE THE WORLD BETTER 1 PERSON AT A TIME! Thanks so much!
  • - 2021-10-05 10:54:39 -0600
    You have always gone above and beyond, and you have taken that to new heights the past year and a half. Thank you for doing everything you can to ensure that the future of our province will be in good hands.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:53:58 -0600
    Every day should be Happy World Teacher’s Day! ♥Thanks for all those little extras that you do. Every day! To make kids excited about learning. To help kids grow into comfortable, curious and caring big kids (= adults) that realize that for every freedom, there is an equally important responsibility. You help make life wonderful for all of us. Thank you☺♥
  • - 2021-10-05 10:53:40 -0600
    Teaching has never been more challenging than in the past two years.
    Thank you for your patience and dedication beyond the call of duty.

    Again thank you and may you see joy and appreciation in the faces of those you teach.
    God Bless.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:53:15 -0600
    Thanks you Teachers!
  • - 2021-10-05 10:52:45 -0600
    Thanks to all the teachers who continue to teach in such difficult circumstances.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:51:30 -0600
    Teachers are super heroes, they did their best to educate the future of our community.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:51:01 -0600
    Have a great day everyone.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:50:44 -0600
    Happy Teachers’ Day!
  • - 2021-10-05 10:50:44 -0600
    I have been retired for many years but applaud each and everyone of you where ever you are for your enthusiasm and encouraging concern for the kids and families of your students over the past (seems like lifetime). I look at the faces of the kids that show up on T.V. and see there the attitudes and efforts you have been and still do shining on happy young people…. and encouraged parents…. Keep up the good teacher work tradition.. It is wonderful encouragement and pride as an older retired teacher in all of you.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:50:39 -0600
    To Madame Cullum of Ecole Campbelltown: Thank you for all that you have done to facilitate the learning process for our little sponges. We appreciate all that you do!
  • - 2021-10-05 10:50:00 -0600
    I have done several workshops with students in five different schools in the last couple of weeks and I cannot believe what is confronting teachers in the classroom now. There has always been a wide diversity of levels in classes but that diversity now is off the charts. I feel for the students and I really feel for the teachers. Hang in there knowing there are people out there who appreciate what you are doing. Thanks for your efforts.
  • - 2021-10-05 10:49:11 -0600
    I had some wonderful teachers when I was a student and worked with great teachers when I was also a teacher. I have been retired for a while and am glad I don’t have to navigate all the current issues in education.
    Thanks to all of you current teachers for your commitment and care for your students! It takes a special calling to be a teacher! Know my thoughts are with you as you do great things for your kids!
  • - 2021-10-05 10:48:49 -0600
    Keep on keeping on colleagues Thank you