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Schools were closed, then opened, then closed and opened again. Kids were sent home to quarantine and Zoom classrooms became all the norm. Teachers did as best they could. Parents, caught off guard, put in that extra effort to support their children’s learning. Often it was an overwhelming experience. But parents and teachers came to see each other in a new light.

Now with schools open and teachers back in class, it's time to reflect on what we've all been through and how we've depended on each other. And now, on World Teachers Day, let's throw teachers a well-deserved 'thank you.'
"On behalf of Alberta's teachers, thank you, parents for all you have done over the last 18 months to help support learning to continue."
– Jason Schilling, ATA President

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  • - 2021-10-06 09:43:40 -0600
    Teachers are the backbone of democracy and a civil society. Their hard work, dedication, empathy and love of children is most appreciated. Never underestimate the positive impact they have on our future.
    From a former teacher and administrator,now retired.
  • - 2021-10-06 09:42:46 -0600
    The best to all the teacher in the world !
    Great job and dedication teaching a diversity of students !
    Have a great year 2021/2022
  • - 2021-10-06 09:37:53 -0600
    Thanks for everything you do.
  • - 2021-10-06 09:36:13 -0600
    Teachers are truly unsung heroes throughout this pandemic. Kids, parents and whole communities need you and appreciate your exhausting effort, understanding and kindness!!
    Thank you!!
  • - 2021-10-06 09:32:44 -0600
    To all Teachers and Educators,
    Extending my heartfelt appreciation to one and all for your continued dedication, care and professionalism each and every day.
    Thank you for listening, caring , supporting and teaching our students ; communicating and guiding their families through this covid pandemic.
    The last year + has challenged each of you to your utmost!!
    Stay safe and healthy!
    Your former colleague, now retired teacher
  • - 2021-10-06 09:27:30 -0600
    Teachers were the first adults in my life to see me as a good person, a smart person and inspire me to do my best. I owe all of my life successes to teachers who laid a path in front of me through learning to love education.
  • - 2021-10-06 09:21:02 -0600
    To the wonderful teachers of AB – you are the guiding light to all the students you in counter. Thank you 🙏😍
  • - 2021-10-06 09:13:38 -0600
    Thank you, teachers!
    Your work is fundamental to civility and democracy!
  • - 2021-10-06 09:00:19 -0600
    Thank you Kathryn Richardson, a teacher for Red Deer Public for creating an encouraging and inclusive Construction shop that installs a love of wood work.
  • - 2021-10-06 08:34:07 -0600
    You make a difference today and everyday in the lives of children and their parents. Your words of encouragement and guidance nurture them on their daily journey and especially as we navigate thru a pandemic! Wishing you strength, resilience and endurance to show up each day and encouragement to walk positively and confidently thru each school day. Blessings to you and your colleagues.
  • - 2021-10-06 08:25:07 -0600
    As a retired teacher I would like to say THANK YOU to all my colleagues who are managing to make a difference in kids’ lives through this very difficult Covid era.
  • - 2021-10-06 08:22:22 -0600
    Passion, persistence, perseverance! Thank you to all teachers for their kind and caring ways. In the midst of many challenges, the dedication you have shown is evident and inspirational. Thank you for sticking with the task and for making a huge difference in the lives of students. You are the superheroes we need!
  • - 2021-10-06 08:17:02 -0600
    Congratulations on keeping our children educated amid so many roadblocks. As I se"Thank heavens I am retired."
  • - 2021-10-06 08:05:42 -0600
    Thank you for you continued commitment to educating through these trying times.
    Nous vous apprécions surtout pendant ces temps de grandes incertitudes et des mesures sanitaires plus que dérangeantes.
  • - 2021-10-06 08:00:30 -0600
    Words cannot express enough appreciation for all our wonderful teachers and Administration at St. Michael’s School in Pincher Creek for all they do everyday!
  • - 2021-10-06 07:58:31 -0600
    Thank you for your passion and resiliency. You make the world a better place by your example of dedication and strength in hard times. Hold onto your dreams for our youth .
  • - 2021-10-06 07:48:02 -0600
    Thankyou to all teachers-including our daughter…who work tirelessly to find creative and effective ways to help students in their learning path.
    Thank you for your hard work and commitment
  • - 2021-10-06 07:42:59 -0600
    Thank you for what you do day after day after day. Parents and students are thankful that they can count on you to be prepared and that you are there for them. This has been especially true for everyone during this COVID-19 time. Whether you are in person or “online” you are working. We take time during this Thanksgiving period to reflect how much we appreciate teachers at every level.
  • - 2021-10-06 07:32:10 -0600
    I appreciate the job you have done for my grandchildren especially considering the difficult conditions that COVID has created.
    Thank you for your professionalism and willingness to work with children can not be vaccinated.
  • - 2021-10-06 07:04:51 -0600
    I thought teaching was a challenging profession before I retired, but to think of all teachers going the extra mile, and then one more mile, throughout the pandemic, makes me very proud of your resilience and service for the children!
  • - 2021-10-06 06:59:46 -0600
    As a retired teacher I can appreciate your efforts, but I never had to deal with your current situation. You are great!
  • - 2021-10-06 06:59:36 -0600
    Thank you for providing a safe haven for the our next generation in these difficult times.
  • - 2021-10-06 06:59:06 -0600
    Thank you teachers, not just for teaching my boys, but for the additional support, strength and patience you have provided throughout this pandemic. 🙏
    Shout out especially to the principal and teachers at Louis St. Laurent.
  • - 2021-10-06 06:50:31 -0600
    Thank you for the hard work you do to ensure that each child has an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • - 2021-10-06 06:43:35 -0600
    Thank you for all your hard work. The pandemic made your job very hard, but teachers proved to be resilient and innovative.
  • - 2021-10-06 06:00:44 -0600
    Thank you to the wonderful Alberta Teachers who are teaching my two beautiful granddaughters. As a retired teacher myself who was in the classroom for years before becoming a principal of elementary schools; I know the struggles and the work put out by individual teachers. Throughout the years it has been an evolution and it still is growing to be better for all. We can be proud of who we are and what has been and will be accomplished in the future.
  • - 2021-10-06 05:48:57 -0600
    Thanks to all teachers for your dedication, your caring spirit and all your hard work, especially in these times.
  • - 2021-10-06 05:41:46 -0600
    Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our children. Each day you inspire. Each day you make a difference and each day you bring joy to learning. Despite very challenging times throughout our world, as a collective, you continue to shape a better future for young minds filled with dreams and aspirations. Bravo to your determination, insights and knowledge that you bring to the classroom, each and every day, allowing each child to thrive in an environment that honours diversity, creativity, innovation and all things possible, by acknowledging individuals’ gifts, talents and potential.
  • - 2021-10-06 05:28:48 -0600
    Keep up your great work!
  • - 2021-10-06 01:14:58 -0600
    Thank you teachers in all of Alberta. Working through Covid, changing your delivery, “rolling with the flow” without any Provincial government support is beyond admirable. Congratulations! You are truly heroes and heroins.